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Welcome to the Warren School Alumni pages!  These pages were designed to give Warren alumni the opportunity to 'stay in touch' with each other.  The years of graduation are indexed by the buttons on the left of the screen.  To view information about your graduating class, click on the decade button, then the year in which you graduated.  Some of the years do not have any alumni information yet, so these pages have not been linked.  As information is received, these pages will be developed and published.

Before your information can be placed on any of these pages, the district requires a signed form or an email from you that has been delivered to the school stating that you allow your information to be placed on the Warren School website.  You can obtain a copy of the permission form here.  Go to the link, and print off the page.  Fill out the information, and mail it or fax it to the school.  You can also email the Webmaster  your information, along with a short statement giving your permission to place it on the school alumni pages. 

If you know of any other alumni who may like to be added to these pages, please pass the word along to them.  These pages have the potential to become a vital link to all those who ever attended Warren School.  Plans are in the making for an alumni faculty page to be developed in the near future.  It is hoped that these pages will provide years of enjoyment as fond memories of Warren are relived, and friendships are maintained. 

Illinois Glory Days: Warren School

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