Tribes of Native America
By: Justin H. and Stephen E.

The  Apache Nation

The Apache lived in modern day New Mexico, and Arizona. The Apache were divided into six different groups. The groups of the Apache are Kiowa, Lipan, Jicarilla, Mescalero, Chiricahua, and Western Apache.

The Apache followed the Buffalo across the southwest plains, but stopped to grow crops and raise livestock. If they could find any, they ate wild plants.
The Apache Indian clothing consisted of a white buckskin dress or loin cloth. During ceremonial dances they would wear colorful tails and ribbons attached to their buckskin clothes.
The Apache Indians lived in shelters called wickiups. They are dome shaped brush huts made of wood and animal hide. They were made mostly by the women of the tribe.
Culture        Entertainment:  The Apache performed religious dances around fires to please the gods. They made pottery, and drew pictures on stone. They made mud figures of human beings and panted wood to look like faces.

Religion:  Religion was an important factor in Apache life. They worshipped supernatural beings called ga'ns. Ga'ns were protective mountain sprits. They were praised in many religious ceremonies. They also worshipped nature spirits. Most are unknown today. 

Arts: The Apache made many arts and crafts. They were known for their great skill in basket weaving. The burden basket and bread basket were the most common baskets. They also made jewelry, necklaces, earrings, and barrettes. 

Family Life: In an Apache household the women gathered food, wood, and water. The men went to hunt and raid other villages for food and supplies. 


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